AdBlue® diesel 
exhaust fluid

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Important information about your Audi diesel vehicle
For 2015 Audi A3 Sedan TDI® vehicles and 2016 Audi TDI® vehicles
If the AdBlue® tank runs dry, your vehicle will not restart.
To help ensure proper diesel engine operation, you will need to refill the AdBlue® tank whenever the warning light in the Driver Information Center on the instrument panel comes on. How often the tank runs low on AdBlue® fluid depends on your driving style.
The Driver Information Center warning light will come on multiple times before the tank is empty and the vehicle will not restart.
If the Empty tank! warning appears, your vehicle will continue to run until you turn it off, but will not restart until AdBlue® or a comparable diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is added.
Complete this vital service via one of two options:
Option A: Have your authorized Audi dealer do it
• If the Driver Information Center warns you AdBlue® fluid is low, you may be entitled to a complimentary refill.[1] See your authorized Audi dealer for details.
• Audi Care: If you purchased an Audi Care prepaid maintenance plan, AdBlue® refills are covered by your plan. See your authorized Audi dealer for details.
Option B: Do it yourself
Your Owner’s Manual provides step-by-step instructions for refilling the AdBlue® tank.[2] Be sure to follow those instructions carefully. Note: You choose this option at your own expense. You will not be reimbursed by the dealership or by Audi of Daitokai.
• Buy it: Purchase AdBlue® from an authorized Audi dealer, or buy ISO 22241 specification diesel exhaust fluid available at most auto parts stores and diesel service stations.
• Refill the tank: The illustration below shows the location of the AdBlue® fill port. It’s under the blue cap next to the diesel fuel fill port. Add at least two half-gallon bottles to ensure that the system detects the fluid.
• Note these warnings: AdBlue® is a chemical solution that could damage your skin, clothes or vehicle. Use protective gloves and eyewear when handling. Review all package instructions carefully, and, if occurs, wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.

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